Allow me to (re)introduce myself…


Hey everyone! First and foremost let me start this out with a disclaimer: this is my own personal blog, completely unscripted, written my way, about what I want. I will touch on all facets of things going on in my life and that will occasionally include my faith. This can be a touchy subject for some people and I completely understand. If anything I say at any time offends you, please exercise your right to not check back into this blog. I hope what I have to say is both entertaining and light hearted and keeps everyone interested and looking forward to seeing me again, when/wherever that may be. But please, understand that what you’re reading is mine, about me, and my thoughts. Everyone has opinions. These are mine. Thanks for respecting that! 😉


Alright then, let’s get to the good stuff! As everyone is probably well aware by now, I was released by TNA. As with any breaking news in the wrestling business, this has come with a number of questions/assumptions as to why I was released. There’s no top secret, exciting story to go along folks. I am inactive right now. I am not able to travel and perform, meet the fans and sell tickets. Dixie Carter kept me under contract for the majority of my pregnancy and provided me and my family an income for doing very little. I was not “fired” because I got pregnant. Keep in mind, that happened months ago LoL! So with that said, I am thankful beyond words and humbled by every experience I was given because of TNA. Am I hanging up my boots now because I have chosen to be a mom? I don’t think I am. I think I still have quite a bit left to give. Would I go back to TNA if the opportunity presented itself? Of course. In the meantime, however, I’m starting a new chapter in my life and I am so excited to share pieces of this journey with you guys. I have received many, many questions over the past few months about baby girl so I’d like to quickly answer a few of those: Yes, we have decided on a name. No, I won’t be plastering it all over the internet… I’m sure somehow, somewhere that will come out anyway lol. We ARE having a little girl, her daddy wants her in jiu jitsu as soon as possible and mommy wants her in pageants so I guess the apple won’t be falling far from the tree in this case! 😉 And as far as our due date… we’ve got less than 2 months 😉 that’s sufficient enough right?

In other news, I have still been keeping up with my girls on Thursday nights and after last night’s episode of Impact, I have to say that Gail and Taryn tore it up in Las Vegas in that ladder match! Not to anyone’s surprise I am sure, but the exceeded any expectations I had for that match! Gail truly is one of my BFFFFFF’s and I get amped everytime I watch her wrestle because I know she never ever EVER goes into a match half-assed! Clearly, neither does Taryn! I love the fact that what you see is absolutely what you get with her. She’s so fun, bubbly and full of personality, and then she gets into a match like last night’s and does serious work! Congrats to both of these ladies on setting the bar for what people’s expectations of women’s wrestling will be moving forward (on second thought, maybe i AM ready to retire! haha!) 

Alright folks, that’s all I’ve got for now. My weekend party starts now with a little gym sesh, some bark park for the fur balls, and a Friday night of nursery decorating! Wild and crazy, I know! 😉 Check back in weekly for updates, pics, answers to Twitter questions and more! Keep me busy guys! Fire away with those questions. Some I’ll answer, some I’ll pretend I didn’t even have to read. 😉 And thank you all again for the sweet messages you’ve been sending via Twitter this last week. Remember, you haven’t seen the last of me by any means. When/where… we’ll see 😉 



4 thoughts on “Allow me to (re)introduce myself…

  1. Madison, I love you girl, I wish only for the best with your pregnancy, hope to see you soon on TNA or wherever. My wife and I have two twin boys, their names is Jayden & Justin, again wish you all the best

  2. Madison Rayne what a heart touching blog you wrote. I am a big fan of yours when you were in TNA, Shimmer, and Wrestlelious. You are impressive in the ring and had great matches with Kong, Hamada, Sarita, Angelina, and especial Mickie James and Tara. You were very comical too and you played great as a heel. Thank you for being a bad ass wrestler in wrestling.
    Here is one of my quotes that I live by
    “Whatever you do in life, never let anyone destroy your sunshine.” Take care and have a good one 🙂

  3. I have always found you to be an entertaining person, so no issues there lol! Look forward to reading whatever u write here in the coming entries, and want to wish you and the family nothing but the best as you prepare to become parents! Cant wait to see you back in a ring, kickin butts and taking names when the time is right! Until then, good luck with everything!

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