Always sunny in Philadelphia… what about Florida?!

Hey guys! As always, I’m fashionably late on this second entry. The beauty of doing things on my own is that I… can do things on my own time 🙂 Unfortunately for anyone who looks forward to my blogs, a little known fact about yours truly is that I am completely incapable of being on time. I assume my Karma will be when my due date comes and goes and baby girl decides she’s not quite ready to brave this crazy world. Ha! But it’s Saturday, I’ve got my lifeline (my ONE cup of coffee that I’m allowed daily- rough, lemme tell ya) and I’m ready to play catch up on the events of this last week!
Let me first address the title of this blog. As you all know, my husband is in the Air Force (can’t resist a man in uniform LoL) and we recently moved to Florida. Ironic, because I spent the last 4 years swearing I would only ever work here, never live.. but I’m eating my words now because I LOVE this place. I love it, with the exception of one minor detail… we’ve been here almost 2 months and have proabably seen 10 days of sunshine? Seriously, joke is on us right? We got here TWO DAYS before the start of “hurricane season,” lucky us! Since then we’ve seen at least one tropical storm, and when my dear sweet mother came to visit and get a little Fla sunshine, she was welcomed with flooded roadways and parking lots. Mother Nature is in desperate need of a few stiff drinks it appears! Good thing I’m naturally a ginger kid and can’t tan well anyway. The rest of the state is spending their summer on my level this year, pale skin everywhere! 🙂
Speaking of my handsome husband, and all husbands out there for that matter who have experienced their wives being pregnant… GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Folks, I am convinced that I married a saint. Ladies, what HAPPENS to us during these last couple months? Here I am thinking I have owned this pregnancy thing with my eyes closed… no morning sickness, no strange cravings, no real hormonal outbursts. Now, however, I get mad if poor @Reaper_3 doesn’t take the dog out at the exact second I want him to go outside. I joke with him that he thought he was braving the worst of all things during his deployment, but that was just a trial run for having a pregnant wife! LOL! Seriously though, fellas, I give you a round of applause (the good husbands anyway) for braving this 9 month journey with a smile on your faces! Props!

I have had a large number of y’all asking me about my pregnancy on Twitter. @CourtWSummers just recently asked how pregnancy has been in comparison to what I had expected. To be honest Courtney, I have been incredibly blessed these last several months. I spent my first trimester with an upset stomach very frequently, but that’s been the absolute worst of it so far. Now, with that said, I am reaching the final few weeks when baby girl really starts doing her own thing, which this week has included flipping head down. Thank God for that, because I was NOT prepared for the roller coaster of events that would have proceeded her staying head up! Anyway, along with her new position comes the fact that her sweet little baby feet are also positioned perfectly to Yakuza kick her mommy right in the rib cage. Bless her little heart! And she already throws a mean, MEAN elbow in my sides LOL! I have a lot of work to do in prepping this little angel for Med school when she seems so determined already on following in her mommy’s footsteps! But in all seriousness, I have been incredibly fortunate to have had a realatively easy pregnancy. I’ve been able to maintain a light workout routine and my weight gain is perfect according to average numbers, so hopefully that means I’ll be back to my old self in no time and ready to get back on your tv screens worldwide 😉

Let me quickly address one other pressing issue that you guys have been asking on a daily basis. Am I going to wrestle forever? Well probably not haha. Most of us have a certain amount of years in us and then we move on to the next chapter in our lives. With that said, do I feel like I’m forever retired and have nothing more to give to the wrestling world? Absolutely not. I’m 27 years old folks.. far from too old. And being a mommy doesn’t mean giving up your own dreams. It means rearranging your priorities and taking care of ALL aspects of your new life. So, when it comes to opportunities after this pregnancy I’ll say this and leave it at this: a few weeks ago there was a door closed in my career. When the time is right, there will be a window that opens up and I don’t know where that window will take me, but it will be one of two places: familiar ground or something somewhere that is completely new to me. Either way, whatever that path is, I’m going to go down it 100% and come back an even better version of the girl you all have watched, loved/hated and supported for several years. So stick with me on this ride because it’s not over yet!

Until next time… XoXo!



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