Opinions are like… well you know..

Hey y’all! So as you can see it’s been a bit longer than a week since my last post. I didn’t forget actually. I sat here a few days ago and spent about an hour typing, and when I clicked “publish post” there was nothing there. As you can probably imagine, the combination of pregnancy hormones and me just being me had smoke coming out my ears and I closed my laptop for a few days to recollect my thoughts LoL. In the meantime, though, I’ve been quite productive 🙂 We had another baby dr, appointment yesterday. Those are always fun. Baby girl is growing by the minute and her elbows are packing even more of an impact than last week (greeeeeat! haha) but time is winding down and everything still looks great so that’s always a positive way to start the week! We also started sending our German shepherd to daycare. Today was his first time. He’s not exactly the most social butterfly in the world and with a growing family and his attitude problem, ain’t nobody got time for that! So… daycare. And he apparently did really well. I think I probably had a worse day than he did, which included sobbing when I left him this morning. I can only imagine when it’s time to leave baby girl at daycare for the first time. Only difference being I won’t have to worry about her barking at and potentially biting someone. LOL!!! So, now that we’ve got the inside peek at all things Mommy Rayne, let’s get on to the good stuff shall we?
So with the constant support I have been shown by you guys over the last several years, and the continued support now, I am constantly thinking of ways to stay interactive and give y’all something to look forward to reading about. As uneventful as daily life can be sometimes, aside from decorating a nursery and enrolling my troubled pup in boarding school LOL, I actually DO still follow all the craziness that is the world of professional wrestling and over the last couple of weeks I have seen so many things that are just kind of rubbing me the wrong way. One good thing about being a “free agent” is that I have the ability to say just about anything that’s on my mind without restrictions. With that said, let me first reiterate, *I was not released from my contract on bad terms, with any ill feelings, or with the slightest bit of regret for giving everything I had to Impact Wrestling for 4 1/2 years!* I’ve had what seems like an endless number of tweets lately telling me that I need to go wrestle elsewhere, and people cannot believe I got fired because I was pregnant. Y’all, as much as I appreciate the support and the fact that people were affected enough by my release to generate some sort of emotion, please don’t stress over it. I’m surely not. As cliche as it may sound, if I am meant to be back in a wrestling ring on television, God will put me back there. And I have this overwhelming feeling that He will, but for right now I’m so excited and so looking forward to being a mommy and bringing the next generation of Queen Bee into the world. 🙂 It seems to me though, that lately, everyone has an opinion on the state of professional wrestling, and more noticeably to me, Impact Wrestling. As wrestlers, we give absolutely everything we have to make you guys love and/or hate us. We feed off of your emotions. Whether it’s cheering so loud we can’t hear ourselves think, or boo’ing to the point that security has to walk us to our vehicles at the end of the night, we love the fans for the enthusiasm they bring to each and every show. Now, of course with the good comes the bad, and the “bad” of this raw emotion from the fans is the ability for some people to at times pass judgement or form an opinion on things that are not part of the show. There have been several changes in the faces you see on a weekly basis lately. I know that TNA is freshening up the roster, utilizing the X-Division more and even bringing back some familiar faces from the past. If I’m not mistaken, WWE has also got some incredible new talent on their shows. As a matter of fact I know they do. Dean Ambrose for example, INCREDIBLE talent that I had the privilege of being on several independent shows with years ago. He’s been ready for tv for a long time and it’s exciting to see him there now! Making room for fresh, new talent sometimes requires cutting ties with people who haven’t been as involved in awhile. *raises hand* just ask me, I know all about that scenario LoL! But seriously, that’s the name of the game. In an effort to give the fans what they want, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter do what they think is best for business as far as the talent representing their companies. Now I can’t speak personally about the WWE or Vince McMahon as I’ve obviously never worked there so let me comment briefly on something that I do have a bit more experience on; TNA and Dixie Carter. This last week has been a busy one among those in the Twitter community, both fans and talent tweeting about the state of Impact Wrestling. In my opinion, Thursday nights are off the charts exciting! And that’s because of the incredible talent being allowed to shine every week. It is so unfortunate to me that when a good thing comes to an end for some people, they put a negative spin on the entire experience. I can already see the headlines on the gossip sites now: “Madison Rayne bashes (fill in the blank)”… save your fingers the extra work typing folks. This is not a direct shot at anyone in particular. It is simply one girl’s opinion on the way a chapter in life should be written. There are hundreds of hungry young men and women dying for a shot at a wrestling contract. Maybe I’m still humble because I was young getting into TNA and fairly young upon my departure but the last thing I would consider doing at this point, is jumping on an interview opportunity and lashing out at how my contract came to an end. I’d rather do an unscripted blog and explain to everyone who was upset about my departure, that I literally had my dream job handed to me at the age of 22, and with that came opportunities many people never get to experience. I bought my first passport after signing with TNA, because prior to the winter of 2010, I had never been out of the country.That passport took me across Europe on three different occasions, to Canada countless times, and allowed me to spend 5 days in Abu Dhabi! WOW!!! For a small town girl from Ohio, that kind of stuff just doesn’t happen! My point is this though: even though my release came as slightly unexpected, I would not trade one second of the time I spent at Impact Wrestling, one friendship I made there, and I certainly wouldn’t bite the hand that fed me for so long and say outrageous things upon my departure. Nothing lasts forever ladies and gentlemen. Be thankful for the opportunities you are given and the God-given talent that got you there. As far as Dixie goes, that passport I mentioned, all those trips around the world, the chance to frisk Earl Hebner (LOL) was all because of her. Bosses are always the easy target when something is less than perfect. That’s business. But at the end of the day she gave the green light to every face you see on the Impact roster. That’s something I think everyone should thank her for because that roster kicks ass! I still touch base with Dixie often. I send baby bump updates to her in the middle of the day and not one time have I gone without a response. And any woman who can deliver something to a worldwide audience as amazing as Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell in a ladder match live from Las Vegas deserves a round of applause in my book. 😉
In closing this lengthy novel I’ve unintentionally written I just want everyone to remember that professional wrestling has been around for a long, LONG time. Along the way it’s had high points and also low points. But the fact of the matter is that it’s a past time no one wants to see disappear anytime soon so before pointing a judgemental finger once the cameras are off and the lights go down, I think all the creative masterminds behind each and every televised or live event deserve a pat on the back and a “thank you!” …but again, we all know what they say about opinions…. and that’s just mine 😉


OH! And how could I have forgotten one of the best updates of the last 2 weeks! @Reaper_3 and I got our maternity pictures back this week… here’s a sneak peek at one! 😉 Enjoy!



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